First Name Last Name Phone Position Photo Album Email
Glenn & Kathy Biscarr President
Ed and Ann Bohrer Vice President Yes
Wendy Bolen Yes
Trudy Burnley 304-229-0218 Yes
George Carlucci Yes
Harry Childs
Vicki Childs
Bill Crawford 304-821-5654 Yes
Kim Cunningham Yes
Jim Day Yes
Kara Day Yes
Greg Duncan Yes
Bruce Eldridge
Phyllis Fletcher Food Drive Coordinator Yes
Jim Frank Yes
Paula Frank
Bill & Ann Marie Gawarkiewicz Yes
Walt & Charisse Griffin
Wendell Hackett Yes
Carl Hackett Yes
Kevin Hopson Yes
Keith Jackson Assistant Cruise In Director Yes
Jack & Peggy Kellum
Troy D. Kemp Yes
David MacDonald Yes
Ron Nowell 304-725-4141 Founder/CEO/Treasurer Yes
Jim Oestereich Yes
Erick and Rita Perez Yes
Bradly Poore
Paul "Mixmaster" Ratliff Media Director Yes
Steve Riffle
Chip and Margaret Smith Yes
Charles and Ann Tilley Yes
Patrick Todd Yes
David & Felicia Trevey
Tom and Tonia Van Dyke Secretary Yes
Ted Vaughan Yes
David & Beth Via Yes
Ed & Margaret Waterfield
Jerry Watson Yes
Howard White
Alex Whitehurst Yes
Duffy Wright Yes