First Name Last Name Phone Position Photo Album Email
Glenn & Kathy Biscarr Former President
Ed and Ann Bohrer Former Vice President Yes
Jake and Wendy Bolen Yes
Trudy Burnley 304-229-0218 Former Secretary Yes
George Carlucci Yes
Harry Childs
Vicki Childs
Bill Crawford 304-821-5654 Yes
Kim Cunningham Yes
Jim Day Yes
Kara Day Yes
Greg Duncan Yes
Bruce Eldridge
Phyllis Fletcher Food Drive Coordinator Yes
Jim Frank Yes
Paula Frank
Bill & Ann Marie Gawarkiewicz Yes
Walt & Charisse Griffin
Wendell Hackett Yes
Carl Hackett Yes
Kevin Hopson Yes
Keith Jackson Board Member Yes
Jack & Peggy Kellum
Troy D. Kemp Yes
David MacDonald Yes
Ron Nowell 304-725-4141 Founder/CEO/Treasurer Yes
Jim Oestereich Board Member Yes
Erick and Rita Perez Yes
Paul and Beth Ratliff Vice President/Media Director Yes
Chip and Margaret Smith Yes
Charles and Ann Tilley Former President Yes
Patrick Todd Yes
David & Felicia Trevey
Tom Van Dyke President Yes
Ted Vaughan Yes
David & Beth Via Yes
Ed & Margaret Waterfield
Jerry Watson Yes
Howard White
Alex Whitehurst Yes
Duffy Wright Yes